About Us

TB Accountants is an established firm of qualified accountants providing services to clients in Finchley and all other London areas. We specialise in providing value adding accountancy and Financial services to SME (Small Medium Enterprise). Our client group includes:

  • Individuals
  • Business Start up
  • Sole Trader
  • Limited Companies

As value adding accounting professionals, we do not just prepare the numbers but take interest in your business.

We will provide you with advice and keep you abreast on financial regulations that affect your business regularly.

We will deliver services of the highest quality and standard and will go the extra mile in ensuring you enjoy the benefits of our value adding service.

Our outsourcing service will

  • Ensure you have accurately kept records due to consistency of staff. 
  • Maintain close and regular contact with our clients, discuss financial performance regularly and make recommendations on how to improve their business performance.
  • Work hard within the legal framework to minimise our clients' tax liabilities . The knowledge and awareness of their tax liability will enable them plan more effectively.
  • Do our best to minimise your accountancy costs and will always be open with you about all our costs. Above all, we will help you in your aspiration for growth .